I think a bit of luck also. I only did this level 3 times so far, and the 3rd time the right side collapsed by itself.. Fire the White bird head-on towards the main structure, dropping the bomb as late as possible and ricocheting into the structure for additional damage. And make sure you update AB seasons to the latest version. A lot of destruction in one lucky shot! Bird 2 Fatty Bomber: None of this was about removing glitches, though. I only played it maybe 10 times part way at k doing exactly what pretty much everyone else is doing.

When creating videos we rely on our own method, with the primary goal being a repeatable 3 star strategy. Going for a high score. I got a score of To put that in perspective, each block you destroy yields points so it is much better to focus less on the pinwheels and more on destroying the structure. Then I screwed up my second shot with the white bird but was able to finish the job off with the 1st yellow. Cheating would mean manipulating the game or highscore itself.

And the spontaneous collapse only happens sometimes. Aim for the wooden block between two diagonal wooden planks on upper left corner of the second structure. Aim for the lower part of the left structure, giving you about 40k. Loft the Yellow bird, speeding slightly downward to force the far structure to tip piginc the right.

Lets still give it another try. The tower collapsed to the right and took out the third tower as well. The same thing happened to me with my iPhone last December on the Christmas levels — my levels were delayed by a day or more.

Most of the time it doesnt help because it leaves a bird and trash.

Click the Upload Now button. How long does it take? Guess I play Rio today, and wait. On many levels, a little pig with a Santa hat would slightly roll over causing a massive explosion. Aim the big red one at the first structure. Anyone got another tactic maybe?


This happens more often than it used to. I do, try to get the walkthrough done first before seeing what other people have done. Aim for the diagonal wooden plank on lower left of the platform to knock down the whole tower. The deflated bird pigniv bounce into the top left wooden plank and drill through another Google Chrome fan.

You can use the yellow birds to take it out, seasonw I aim low or directly for the birds. Joe, thanks for the walkthrough. Done right you can get more than 41, with big red bird.

White Bird shell to hit the top vertical wood block between the two slanted wood planks to take out the middle wood structure 3. Anyone noticed that the design layout for this level has changed?

To quit an app on an iPhone, tap the device Home button twice to list all your sleeping apps, then hold down your finger on one to get them all jiggling. Thanks for providing the support.

Angry Birds Seasons – Summer Pignic 1-27

It might be a late night! But only 12k points. If I were doing a game I would do this to make it more popular but I would come up with something else pretty soon. For iPhone and iPod Touch: It has more holding it up. I guess those ice blocks are slippers and sometimes the low coefficient of friction can cause a slight slip that escalates and causes a collapse.

On iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad: Tryed at least 50 times and right tower will newer collapsed itself. You should have 75k total points and a clear shot at the stones atop the third tower before you continue.


Aim Big Red at the wooden triangle on the first tower. If done correctly, there should be barely anything left as well. Looks like everything is settled over here windwalker? I had one time on this level today that ended literally the moment I hit the pig. Resetting the device or quitting the app will cause it to recalculate the time correctly so you get your levels on time.

And the reaction to yellow bird hitting the rightmost structure seems different too.


If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. Where you put the rb seems to affect this. Was left with two birds — 20k extra. Personally, I appreciate the work these guys do to help people achieve three stars when they need the help. Maybe with more tries there are aeasons results.

If you play to that method long enough a massive score may drop by every now and then…or not… but always fun to try out twists and other strategies. My first bird took out the 1st and 3rd: It looks like a one-in-a-million egg-drop at just the right moment to hit that cloud? Aim it so that everything should come crashing down in the second structure.

When the upload finishes, the ajgry will be refreshed automatically.

Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic Level 1-27 3-Star Walkthrough iPhone/iPod/iPad/Droid 116060

I am having no luck with any of the methods posted. Use white bird to clear out debris from middle structure. Then aim the white one at the second structure.