He is a sharp yet gullible middle-aged man. He is a huge fan of Rajinikanth and is very loyal to Amrutham. He gives a lot of out-of-the-box ideas to improve the business. Amrutham is a TV serial where content is free and people can watch it at their leisure at home. An unimaginable twist happens after they close the hotel. He dreams of making it big with his restaurant business but each “innovative” step he takes towards that only ends up in losses or at best, breaking even. I incurred a loss of Rs 50 lacs for my first movie Little Soldiers.

Adult humor is ruled out in Indian sitcoms. She is dominant and over-smart. He stays in Amrutha Vilas for some episodes because he loses his job because of Amrutham and Anji. This page was last edited on 2 February , at You are at idlebrain. She is ambitious and smart. Their son, Maruthi, studies in another town.

He is an annoying miser who imposes unreasonable and unlawful penalties on his tenants. It is the longest running and most popular sitcom in Telugu.

I saw his youtube video and selected him. If Amrutham Chandamamalo becomes a hit, I will continue the franchise of Amrutham on big screen. A new company titled “Inda Govinda” offers to double its customers’ money immediately. What do you think will work commercially well for the movie?

Indian television sitcoms Telugu-language television programs. How important is Amrutham Chandamamalo for your career as filmmaker? He falls in love with Appaji’s daughter, Umadevi. We tried, akl decided against it as it will downgrade the brand value of Amrutham. His humor timing and dialogue delivery are excellent. If things go wrong, I will remain as writer.


Interview with Gangaraju Gunnam about Amrutham Chandamamalo – Telugu cinema actor

Amrutham is a sitcom in Telugu produced by Just Yellow Media. Amrutham inaugurates his new house located next to Anji’s. I am producing this movie as I have no choice. Anji and Appaji become contestants.

AMRUTHAM Episode 312 “UN – Happy Days” Part 2

serjal Rubber Balaji is a cousin of Amrutham and a TV serial director. We decided to cast young people for movie version. CAM” – Amrutham finds a policeman’s camera. He is perfect for the character of Anji. We had dearth of story writers for Amrutham.

This film is set in the backdrop of moon. He stays next to Amrutham’s residence and is a family friend. Sarvamplayed by Vasu Inturi is an all-rounder at the restaurant. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. In the nd episode titled “Belt Bhagavatam”, it is revealed that anyone who touches the belt becomes cruel, selfish and sadistic.

Most of the content is written by me and Vasu Sarvam in Amrutham.

I made this film with a foolish ambition. This serial had 11 first time directors including Chandra Sekhar Yeleti. Just for Laughs Gags Comedy new 2. He gives a lot of out-of-the-box ideas to improve the business. At that time writers used to be paid 5k per episode. I have stopped doing TV serials as it has become uneconomical now.


Umadevi played by Bhargavi is the only daughter of Appaji and lover of Sarvam. Views Read Edit View history. He is very good and interpreted the character differently. She is very smart and unmarried. He cooks, serves, cleans and occasionally handles the cash register.

Retrieved from ” https: I gave a full page advertisement in Swathi weekly with a promise of paying 25k per episode for new writers. It has garnered around 21 million views so far and we do get 7 lac views a month at an average. Adult humor is ruled out in Indian sitcoms. Rasool is our cinematographer and the visual quality of the film is going to be impeccable and of high standards.

Zll Gunnam is the creator, writer and producer of the serial.