The only thing it lacked, which AB has, are murderous villains. Chela with Pancho has all the romance of a mutt chasing and slobbering on the mailman, hoping to finally get a pat on the head and a dog biscuit. Not that she doesn’t love her family. Daniel y Miriam caen cuando su pista de baile se rompe en plena boda. I’m still watching and reading the recaps and comments although usually a day or so behind. She’s call Ximena, Ximena would hang up.

Rosemary, I have not. Hi Foxy, I would say that about every culture, not just with those that have strict class systems. Mariano went to bat for her and the old fool denied it all, she harrumphs. As to Hissadora thinking that anyone can be bought, that’s natural; she was sold by her own family back in the day. But he also seems to be trying really hard to drown those feelings in booze. Happy holidays to everyone! But I don’t feel sorry for her or Rocio because it’s their own fault that they are separating themselves from their family by their bigotry and snobbiness. Back to the episode, I had to think that Hissadora’s highly inappropriate dress was to come on to the doctor if she felt it necessary.

I hated to see her go They are classic cases for the feminist argument that women need to be able to have their eepisode identity, to be educated, to pursue their own interests, to to have a room of their own, so to speak.

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I think that led to the marital crisis and an infatuation with Don Dan. Without subtitles, though, I was waiting for the recap before I watched.


Nanette, I think I should explain my feelings about Leoncio a bit further. Camila can’t afford to lose another family member in this tn.

Hopefully your guy had better posture. Vivi, love your 3 strikes you’re out rule.

Valiant Love – Season 1 – IMDb

I’m also late in putting in my 2 cents because I was watching Monday’s tns. Accidently swallowing the doll doesn’t get you out of it either.

Episove be interested to see what happens with Rocio when the Big Pablo Reveal happens. Heck, I even tried to bravvio a case for pinning the rape on on that nitwit, Yago. Rosemary, I have not. Anita, Very interesting indeed!

Yes, the scene I was thinking of was when Dan was talking to Bercerra on the phone at Camila’s cabana. Sell knitting on Etsy maybe. Though Gussie was selfish and put having a man above her daughters, she has been connected to them and was close to them in her way.

No mother could put up with that kind of suffering of her child, she reasons for the virgencita. I agree that she is not terribly sympathetic, but she is more complex to me than just someone who is muy mala and I should automatically hate. Dio and Agustina see them all coming up the stairs and ask for the latest. I can’t find it on my TV schedule.

Matar a Alonso

Cami admits they never discussed anything like that during the time they were married. Or he figures things will go really well and he doesn’t want to have to listen to the hot monkey lovin’ every night. Assuming everyone spisode to have a partner. Not so sure about the old geezer.

What we don’t know is what caused their marital crisis all those years ago when she then had her affair. Rocio probably is unaware of the existence of the internet. Glad I’m not the only one who regrets the loss of Ximena, and I too like Alonso.


La enfermera le confiesa a Alonso que es su madre. I bought a knitted nose warmer from someone on Etsy. Cami getting what she asked for in hounding Mariano to tell her his secret I’m paraphrasing, episoode course. For her loss of Ximena, yes, of course.

Caray, Caray!: Amor BravĂ­o #93 (Uni 88) Thu 12/27/12 Amor Recuperado

Cam aor Dan might insist that Pablo take over the ranch, since he’s Don Daniel’s son. Remember what a homely little baby Christopher was? I mean, the scumbag FX had no problem showing up to chantejar a Hissadora! DDA was the one who was to inherit the M. That’s some other church’s problem. The fact that in the Americas we see it that way shows just how young the nations of North and South America are.

I can’t stand it. I have long liked Vivi’s relationship with Agustina.

Just to check it out. He is of course pure evil but I get such pleasure watching this actor. Cami has to sit and catch her breath. But I doubt Yago would stand up for her in that case either, and maybe Rodolfo would.