As most Cris’ projects, the show will heavily feature music with lyrics by Cris Morena and production by Pablo Durand, which has worked with Cris since , and 11 times Grammy award-winning producer Rafa Arcaute. Most concerts were sold out and it was the top grossing live event in Argentina every year, from 96 to With no competitor — Patito Feo had been canceled the previous year — the third season became the highest-rated yet, with a It was the first teenage-oriented show to air in that time slot. Exactly like Jugate a few years earlier, those albums were huge-sellers. However, after the initial buzz, ratings fell and stabilized at around 9 points. Music is a huge part of her shows and soundtrack CDs being released yearly. After a few years, however, she returned to work when her husband was unable to find a job due to discriminating policies against Jews implemented by the Argentine dictatorship.

And yet they still act like they’re in elementary school”. In , Chiquititas became a gigantic hit in Israel. In , after the sudden death of her daughter, Romina Yan, Morena went on a hiatus and closed her production company. In , a Brazilian version was produced, named Floribella. She soon got a job at a telenovela called Dulce Fugitiva in playing Laura Moreno. Following the tradition of previous seasons, the new Chiquititas was panned by critics. Chela episodes, Mauricio Dayub Cris’ has five grandchildren.

In an interview with Mario Pergolini for his radio show Cual Es? However, after the initial buzz, ratings fell and stabilized at around 9 points.

The new material recorded by the band was used in Atr padosa soap made for cellphones and the Internet which starred Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombothe male half of Erreway. A phenomenon so big was never before seen in Israel and even though several kids and teenage-oriented shows of the same vein were aired later in the country, most of them coming from Argentina, never a show came close to the mass hysteria Rebelde Way caused among Israeli youth.


After disagreements between Morena and Vilarruel, Telefe’s chairman, she started developing a new show about a group of rich teenagers living in an elite boarding school. And politics aren’t exactly doing well at their jobs right now, are they? After a three-week vacation, the cast resumed their tour with two sold-out concerts in popular summer destination Mar del Plata. Instead of a fifth season, the show got a complete makeover.

Guillermo episodes, Guido Massri There are some extremely well-done sequences while others look cheap”.

Carlitos episodes, Alejandra Gavilanes Connections Featured in Antes que sea tarde: The complete cast of the program visited Tel Aviv for a series of concerts at the Sreie Arena, with over Salomone episodes, Daniel Alvaredo After being panned by critics since with JugateCris Morena finally received praise. They’re not in Chiquititas anymore.

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Inthe 6th season started airing and it increased rating at its time slot. Carolina 73 episodes, To this days she is one of the most successful songwriters in Argentina and the one who has made most money in copyrights and albums sales in SADAIC’s history Argentina’s songwriters association alongside her former songwriting partner Carlos Nilson the two parted ways in Deals were also made with Antena 3 in Spain and with American producers, but the versions never materialized.

The second season had an innovative format — including monologues, episodes titles and other production recourses not usually used in daily fiction shows — and a bigger focus on the teenager cast. The musical at Teatro Gran Rex attracted overpeople.


The fourth season was the highest rated season of Chiquititas during its seven-year run, and Arana went on to become Argentina’s most popular leading actor and one of the biggest names in the country.

Cherri, who starred as Mili in Chiquititaswas chosen as the amitovios actress and Patricia Maldonado, the screenwriter of Chiquititaswas in charge of the scripts. The show also featured original music. Among the differences between both version: It also commented that “you could find everything in the show.

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Plans for a Brazilian version of Verano were made but never materialized. Archived from the original on 16 April At the end of the year, both shows had similar numbers: Zrgentina of that, Telefe which was not directed by Yankelevich anymore decided to cut the budget for the show, a decision that wasn’t well received by Cris Morena. Carlos Polimenni, a journalist and panelist on the program, attacked her, arguing her TV shows were “crap” and “too commercial”.

Chela episodes, Mauricio Dayub However, Telefe changed the show’s slot to 7 P. A big line of merchandising was released, a musical with local actors was made with tickets selling out fast and several members of the esrie Nadia DiCello, Sebastian Francini, Camila Bordonaba, Felipe Colombo visited the country to promote the show.