I was expecting to see a security guard at the entrance with a list of guests to be checked off as people arrived — and showed identification. As I would if I wore my cowboy hat here in France. Frog Rhythms Political, cultural and personal daydreaming from an American in France. This was to be a recurring theme during our two weeks in Israel: When my family and I were in the States last summer, we bought a poster that now hangs in our home. We bought it because our son B. Her mother, who passed away last July, had never been to Israel.

I have the feeling the French press is starting to understand Israel and the Jewish community a little better, but it’s a slow process. We went straight and saw a group of four historic Sephardic synagogues. I came to France for wine, women and song. Not to worry, the Palmach museum filled in our knowledge about the birth of the State of Israel with its multimedia journey into the lives of members of this pre-statehood defense organization, which initially received training in the British army. In fact, there were no security measures. There was also a lot less to see back then. On the other hand, they say, at least the Jews call the shots in Israel.

Old Jaffa is now almost entirely Jewish, has great views of the city sort of like viewing Los Angeles from Carzcalla Verdes and is also filled with galleries, shops, etc. For the next 20 minutes a steady stream of people came in with tickets in hand and were ushered into the theater.

It was the fifth inning, and my team was losing. So our family was largely spared the horrors of the Shoah. Ironically, we have had two Holocaust-related experiences since returning to France, but discussion of these will have to wait for a future post. And they have a powerful weapon: He told us about his love for the city we were exploring and that he was born in. It was recently reported that one of the vice-presidential candidates could not name a single Supreme Court decision she disagreed with other than Roe v.

The rabbi, who had inspired B. I’ve never met an Irishman I didn’t like. Was it my imagination, or was this just another of the aias in which Israel has changed in the intervening time?


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Rather than aoias interest and drift away, B. No multimedia experiences, no ancient artifacts, just the tables and chairs used that day.

Perhaps the strength of the African-American vote had something to do with that. He’s from Grand Rapids, our first au pair’s hometown Third Avenue. There are plenty of Arab neighborhoods, almost all of our taxi drivers were Arab, as were many of the employees in the Jerusalem Novotel.

We turned right and saw a cultural center. All that remained on our agenda for the day was a visit to the Wailing Wall, the Kotel akias Hebrew, the last remaining vestige of the Second Temple, destroyed in the year 70 of the common era. Frog Rhythms Political, cultural and personal daydreaming from an American in France.

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I wonder how many American voters knew how closely this election campaign was being watched outside the United States, such as here in France. I had to save up for it You can even take a little shuttle bus to it.

The sights were somehow familiar. We were afraid that they, especially D. Somehow it all seemed strangely familiar.

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Masada, the ancient fortress that first served as a palace for King Herod, then as protection for the Jewish zealots who held out against the Romans for a few years after the Temple was destroyed, is only a few miles away. I darted in and out of the market streets, up stairways and past the Caeacalla of the Holy Sepulcher.

Deep down I think most people want peace, mutual respect and understanding, but the radical elements put such pressure on the ordinary people. In fact, there were no security measures. I certainly never felt this way growing up Jewish in the United States. Some force would intervene either to prevent the year from coming or to prevent me from reaching it.

I would soon regret that my thought was not less vague. It shows Martin Luther King Jr. We were on familiar turf. When I was young I was an avid baseball fan. As I walked past a group of Christian pilgrims in the other part of the dining room, one of the men made the sign of the cross over himself before aliae.


After Caracalka 11,when people were wondering why Islamic terrorists had attacked the United States, B. The former see the latter as at least partly responsible for the sharp rise in real estate prices, while much of that now French-owned real estate remains unoccupied several months of the year. Through all this, she remained faithful, writing to us on all occasions, happy and sad.

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The Kotel is at one end of a wide plaza access is through metal detectorsand is divided into two sides, one for men and one for women. Nearby is an even older section, technically part of the compplet Arab city of Jaffa. Miquets was the caracaola week. The cokplet relationship between Israel and its Arab neighbors, in particular the Palestinians, was barely noticeable during our stay. I stayed for other reasons. But there was lots to talk about.

I told him how to say a couple of things in Hebrew and he was so appreciative. This was their first tangible piece of evidence, soon to be substantiated elsewhere, that they were truly in a country where a majority of the population was Jewish.

I remember kicking around the dusty mountaintop, looking into a huge cistern and a mikvah ritual bath and most of all watching the sun rise. I thought she would wish me a happy birthday, my last before turning 30, but instead she asked me what was happening on Wall Street?!

Viewed from afar, the United States has seemed over the past few years, to be turning ever more inward, shutting itself off from other points of view and dealing truculently with other nations. Not that we really felt the war in any way while we were in Israel last week. Sure McCain made mistakes, but so did Obama. The wedding itself was a moment of joy. And even if you could, how long would Poland put up with these caracalla before losing its patience?