To be able to fulfill his vicious plan, he even suggests that Nazif Kara should be released from prison. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Melih wants to apologize to Kara family and ends up with a big surprise. Learn more about the different existing integrations and their benefits. Malik comes up with a plan to use Valentines to his advantage! To take what he wants and Mahir enters to Chief Prosecutor’s office where he finds a bloody fingerprint.

Know what this is about? Islah Abdur-Rahman , Michael Truong. Saleem Ali Shahalom arrives for a job interview, who Malik takes downstairs for the interview while leaving Riaz to mind the shop. Love is in the air Malik takes Tony to Al-Qamees in Leicester for some thobe shopping! While waiting for the arrival of Serra, Mahir who is attending the Independence Day Ball finds himself dancing with Feride. Feride doesn’t want to listen to Mahir.

The off licence owner, Saif Hassan Khanand his employee Amil Hamzah Jeetooa arrive at the shop and tell Malik and Kabadsy that they are also entering the high street competition. In this episode, Malik goes through a lot of stress but finds it hard to deal with everything.

Malik answers the door to find an anonymous note saying they know what epislde did last summer and that he is being watched. How do I follow my topics’ performance? Asante whilst he is working at his barbers.

Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Twitter. Mahir is determined to give a lesson to those who harmed his family, and at the same time he is trying to find his father who is Mahir is devastated when he hears that his father has signed a confession. Malik then defeats Mr.

Riaz catches Rohim shoplifting and throws a packet of biscuits at him knocking him unconscious. In order not to give up on the innocence of the case Turgut is caught up in his lies after Mahir’s investigations.


Malik says that over the years he has learned in life not to waste in pointlessly, always leave people with kind words as you will kabwday know if it is the last time you will see them and spend time elisode loved ones who will always love you no matter what and mistakes are made to be learned from.

Mosalsal al kabaday 3 ep 1 online 1 مسلسل القبضاي – مترجم – 3 حلقة

When Mahir informed this, he doesn’t want to lose Feride’s love. The series is created by Islah Abdur-Rahman and consists of continuous episodes uploaded on his YouTube channel CornerShopShow, following the adventures of a young man’s transition to fill his father’s shoes after becoming the custodian of a family business.

Turgut, who follow constantly, decides that he has had enough, and makes an astonishingly shocking decision.

Meanwhile, Malik’s sister Maleeka is getting married and Malik is responsible for her. Tell us what you think of the pilot episode of The. Ayten’s world falls apart when she sees Mahir and Feride hand in hand. Want to share IMDb’s rating on your own site? In spite of this, Tony declares that the shop is still not making profit. Malik then trains in the style of Rocky Balboa in Rocky. Mahir, who is on the verge of getting engaged to his childhood friend Ayten, not only is distraught which the happenings at the shop, he is also in shock with the arrest of his beloved father.

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Ayten believe that she cheated on her because Mahir didn’t come home that night. Malik returns to the shop tells Saleem to drive Harry the Hobo and Rohim to a hospital, asks Riaz where their food is, epidode Tony in Chinese and then smells smoke.


Sader Al Baz

Malik’s past is revealed. Jax is abducted by the local sheriff and.

A Nigerian newspapers and Online version of the Vanguard, a daily publication in Nigeria covering Nigeria news, Niger delta, general national news, politics, business. How can I send a newsletter from my topic? Everyone is playing his trump card few hours before the trial. Get Your Facts Straight “. Turgut rapes Ayten, Necdet tries to kill Ibrahim, Nazif tries to epiaode from prison to see his injured son Mahir.

Measuring and analyzing your curation will help you to understand what your audience is looking for and how to improve your performance. Mahir learns of how Yasin got hold the first testimony of Serra and agrees to help him in his undercover mission while Mehmet Saim and Turgut push forward their ruthless plan to murder Salih Ipek with the help of Necdet when he surprisingly comes face to face with Mahir on this mission.

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Melis films Malik attempting to sell washing up powder to Mr. To be able to fulfill his vicious plan, he even suggests that Nazif Kara should be released from prison. They then imprison Malik at Fury’s father’s garage and demand that he opens the shop safe, however, they forgot to bring the safe from the shop so they leave. On Turgut’s orders, the house with any evidence and people in it, eipsode put on fire.

Tariq enters the shop with kabadag packet of crisps from the off licence.