Crash of the Century , a minute special investigating the infamous Tenerife airport disaster. Clerks in Mojave had greatly underestimated the train’s weight, and it had been assembled without enough locomotives to provide adequate braking. The investigation found that the pilots were not properly trained on the aircraft type and mishandled it during takeoff. The investigation concluded that ice had built up on the aircraft’s wings, causing the loss of control. The short flight to Chicago was meant to be calm and smooth, but when a sudden explosion goes off, the pilots lose all control of the massive plane. Follow Photos Series 4 loading

The causes of the crash were incorrect airspeed readings due to ice blocking the aircraft’s pitot tubes and inappropriate control inputs. One of the mounting points in the pylon attaching the engine to the wing had suffered damage caused by faulty maintenance procedures. Follow Photos Series 1 loading They were instead watching an association football match. Communication Breakdown [n 4]. On 3 January , Flash Airlines Flight banks to the right just after takeoff and crashes into the Red Sea , killing all people on board.

Air Crash Investigation

The pilots accept the offer, but as they are making the necessary changes, they inadvertently delete the waypoints from the flight plan in their flight management systemcausing them to lose certainty of their exact position. Investigators determined that the pilots misinterpreted the stall as an engine failure and took no recovery action until it was too late.

On 11 Decembera bomb investigtion on Philippine Airlines Flight on the second leg of a service from Manila to Tokyo via Cebu Citykilling a passenger, injuring many people and damaging some of the aircraft’s control systems. On 7 AugustFine Air Flight stalls and crashes just seconds after taking off from Miami International Airportkilling all 4 people on board and 1 person on the ground. The crew are asked if they would like to perform a straight-in approach to Cali.


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The poor weather played a part in the disaster, but the fundamental causes of the crash were numerous errors by the pilots of the two aircraft and the airport’s air traffic control officers.

A design flaw with the DC’s cargo door locking mechanism was not rectified after the first accident, and the second DC’s door opened during flight, causing the crash. South African Airways Flight On 30 JulyProteus Airlines Flight collides with a light aircraft during a detour over an ocean cruise liner and crashes into Quiberon Bay off the coast of LorientFrance.

The investigation found that parts had been removed from the rear cargo doors and improperly replaced. Crash of the Century [n 2]. Malaysia Airlines Flight A few minutes later, all four engines flame out. Archived from the original on 30 October On 12 Augustthe rear pressure bulkhead bursts on a Boeing SR operating as Japan Airlines Flightdestroying the vertical stabilizer and severing all four of the aircraft’s hydraulic systems.

The imbalance of the rotating propeller causes the engine to partly tear itself from its mounting, creating excessive drag.

Head-on Collision [n 1]. The investigation concluded that everyone on board suffered hypoxia due to an uncontrolled decompression, but the cause remains undetermined.

After descending, the crew successfully restarts the engines and lands safely.

Improper maintenance work allowed water to enter the aircraft’s angle of attack AOA sensors; the water then froze during flight, seasln the sensors stopped working. For example, in the US alone in there were 41, traffic accident fatalities, compared to just deaths involving commercial aeroplanes.

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The causes were pilot error and the instrument landing system at Guam airport being temporarily out of service for maintenance work. The fire was caused by the combustion of lithium-ion batteries.


Colgan Air Flight Join our curious community and you’ll have access to some great features! Scandinavian Airlines Flight This special looked at disasters where multiple investigations don’t agree on the cause of these accidents. On 7 OctoberQantas Flight 72 suffers a pair of sudden uncommanded pitch-down manoeuvres during a flight from Singapore Changi Airport to Perth Airport.

On 18 JuneBritish European Airways Flight stalls and crashes in a field near Staines-upon-Thames shortly after takeoff from London Heathrow Airportkilling all people on board.

The programs use re-enactmentsinterviewseyewitness testimony, computer-generated imagerycockpit voice recordingsand official reports to reconstruct the sequences of events.

Airbus A ; Flight 8: Out of the people on board, are killed. The aircraft rapidly loses altitude and crashes, killing nine people. The propeller fell into the sea, and since it was never 15ee02, the cause of the accident has not been determined.

Hughes Airwest Flight Unconscious Pilot [n 3]. On 3 Aprila United States Air Force Boeing CT veers off course and flies into a mountain while attempting to land at Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia in heavy fog, killing all 35 people on board, including the U.

On 29 AprilNational Airlines Flight stalls and crashes into the ground just seconds after taking off from Bagram Airfield in Afghanistankilling all seven crew members on board. American Eagle Flight After both engines fail, the aircraft makes an emergency landing on a highway in New Hope, Paulding County, Georgia.