If I have that bit of the culture wrong I apologise. The presentation is still on the internet here: Bluntly – either Pershing Square Bill Ackman’s fund did not do as much work as they said or they are trying hard to fit into a pre-ordained thesis. There are Herbalife groups all around the world and they reflect the character of the community they are in. It amazes me however that Pershing Square has strong views on Herbalife in Cambodia without going to look. In fact, it should not be relied upon in making investment decisions, ever. Thus, it behooved the allocator to be either a fair person or a good liar.

They are not company insiders – they are independent contractors. It is almost non-existent on Craigs List and never sold at a sharp discount. However, we can easily provide the exact same breakout going forward if you would like [indiscernible] into our investors. Hempton is not obligated to, and may not, update it. Firms do suffer economic consequences that affect unrelated partners and employees, clients may lose faith in the services they receive, and, more broadly, the public and regulators lose trust in auditors and CPAs. But I think they did pre-assume an interpretation of the law – an interpretation since made irrelevant by BurnLounge. Herbalife goes to extraordinary extents to protect distributor businesses for example it will not allow online sales.

The emotional support — this is the reason why one needs clubs — for the support — just like we see running teams. At my hedge fund we have a few email accounts we collect scam emails in for the reason of finding stocks to short.

While Statement R achieved improvements in the relevance and completeness of business combination information, the review team found that it did not fully improve the audiyors, reliability and representational faithfulness of that information, largely because of unresolved questions about the reliability of fair value measurement requirements.

It has become a hobby to visit clubs in strange locations.

Trump attacks OPEC over high oil price, warning of fragile world. The second amendment is that the person who asserted to me that Cristine Richard planted the David Einhorn question is less than sure about this and I have mostly auditosr the assertion. This is simply wonderful as a shareholder or potential shareholder.


If ALL the distributors had one meal per tge every day of the year then you still would not account for volume. They know who you are and why you’re at the club; thus, they put on an act for you and instruct everyone around them to be ywist in the act.

Connect Personally With the Customer Ultimately, every selling situation involves making a connection between two individuals who like and trust each other. This company has the greatest hedge fund minds from New York to Sydney producing endless reams of analysis to determine how the business actually works but apparently hispanic immigrants with minimal English can master the Herbalife operating model?

Bulls see continued growth on both the top and bottom line.

Essential reading: Derivatives tax plan concerns industry, and more

The receiver had no way of verifying how much money the allocator had been given, information which the allocator was not required to divulge. Clubs with middle class customers are rarer — but they are generally pretty nice. BurnLounge had appealed an earlier ruling, in part, by citing the letter and arguing that its distributors should be considered customers.

How does the distributor — how does the supervisor come out better? Aside from the “training”, which would be a very nice euphemism for the very “white educated middle-class us Vs illiterate them” thing you mentioned.

They do it because they are members of a weight loss club alcoholics anonymous for fat people but as Mr Ackman does not see the community he does not see this as sane. The relatively grim Queens clubs however are far from the only model.

In some cases, extraordinary cooperation may lead to language in settlement documents noting the cooperation and its effect. The short term costs described in more detail below are evident in the accounts for the last few quarters.

However as most hedge fund types have visited only Queens if they have visited any they see only the gruesome.


Dahl went to Nutrie another MLM not very successfully it seems and you can find his twitter feed here: New customers are only really worth something to the extent they produce repeat business.

PICPA – Summer 2013

As the inventory loading thesis which was the original core short-thesis disappeared the stories about Shawn Dahl grew louder.

Here are the lockers Herbalife implemented a rule change in March about three months after the Ackman presentation such that anyone who sold leads was disqualified as a Herbalife distributor and lost their downline. It is neither positive or negative – it just is.

There is a final problem with field sales — and this is particularly evident in Mexico. It is worth examining how you qualify for the senior levels in the sales structure. That said, the researchers are quick to emphasize that linguistic cues are most definitely not a foolproof method of detecting lies, even among those who are trained to look out for them.

The distributor held no inventory. Herbalife distributors vary according to the culture they are in. Moreover distributors have access to their part of the system – so if you are a Presidents’ Club member you can see everything in your downline.

I don’t craws you are coming from a bad place with the Jewish comment or explanation, but in my opinion you are still stereotyping. On the ground this is an ethical company that does good things and builds huge and sustaining communities around its products.

Auditora want things because other people want these things.

FASB Standard on Business Combinations Gets Mixed Review

But in every case the club sells real product in an ethical manner. Shaw, 52, of Lake Sherwood, Calif. Between the Einhorn questions and the Ackman Pershing Square presentation.