And, in France, where to my knowledge there’s no tyrannical MPAA governing body handing down restrictive ratings and, even, sometimes ordering cuts be made from a film to get a more favorable and crowd-friendly rating, they can pretty much be as extreme as they possibly want without worrying about censorship. Retrieved 13 January While the Jonny and Toppo are destroying Arsenal with shopping, and Gum , Jacky and Mac are looking at prams, Ace is sat on the floor in another part of the store, eating carrot sticks becoming increasingly surrounded by toddlers just staring him out. The characters are pretty thin to begin with and then Ducournau introduces a new element to provide added dimension and then lets it slip away. You could say all films do that, essentially, but I think this one forces you out of your comfort zone and makes you think. He is surely the most talented too when it comes to hosting, I think he is currently hosting as much shows as Sakurai Sho.

Ohhh you speak Japanese, sugoi! This post is amazing! Mugendai no Gimon — They are gay…No not really…: The group quickly form a bond with the baby whom they name Eito and the film is centred on them searching for his mother and fighting off those who would hurt him. But now I am currently in love with Yokoyama You. There’s a nice little twist at the end and, in theory, you get to see why Justine’s life has taken the path it has. Feb 14, Full Review….

But if you have Bittorent, I can give you link to download file I met kanjani8 after Koki’s termination, when I was sad and broken. He has a unique voice that is why not everyone likes it but he is an amazing singer. I guess they had to force him into his suit while he was screaming for more abstract colours to add to the black on black and then he just used his own mental wardrobe for the bits where he could dress down again.


Secondly, Subaru’s bitchface is worthy of a fucking academy award, nothing less. Already have an account? The funniest scene over all has to come from Roro though.

Nice list you got there. Alexia then forces one into her mouth so she will eat it; she walks out with Adrien gagging. He looks so different and cool whenever he is playing. D Maybe fans saw it, how sincere the relationship between this guys are. Grave is a French-Belgian horror drama film written and directed by Julia Ducournauand starring Garance Marillier. This is sweet, disgusting revenge. Justine will soon face the terrible and unexpected consequences as her true self begins to emerge Though, to be fair, this is a French-Belgian co-production.

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The body horror elements don’t fully feel integrated as well. We do have a some rules which can be found on the userinfo page. Dec 20, Rating: Parts of it just feel unnatural and mlvie to get a reaction.

Sutherland Trophy —winning films. I know that Ruku-chan adores Roro though so her weak spot in any jonnys member barter session is easy.

Lifelong vegetarian Justine begins her first semester at veterinary school, the same one her older sister Alexia is currently attending and where her parents met. Marouan Iddoub as Canteen Newbie. It’s too bad because there are fascinating pieces and ideas that emerge like flotsam in the wake of Ducournau’s tale.

She and Adrien take a late-night trip to a gas station so no one will see her eating rw. He is so good at talking, he knows how to lead a topic during tv shows and interviews but as he grew older the shy side gets more visible. This is, in my opinion, the grossest part of the entire movie.


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Other than that, rraw, I really did enjoy this movie. Let me start off by saying that I have no idea how I got here. Hina, Shin-chan Drama and Movie: Movie Info Everyone in Justine’s family is a vet.

Movvie they are the 2nd most selling johnnys next to arashi. His parents are body builders, maybe due to their influence, Maru really likes showing his muscles. Archived from the original on 16 September 8uplers Horror is powered by Vocal creators. One minute our heroine is rejecting the pressure of her peers and the next she’s nibbling on a severed finger. Retrieved 2 April Yoko and him are the perfect match Lol.

She’s entering a famed veterinary college as a legacy and her big sister, Alexia Ella Rumpfis already established among the school hierarchy.

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This is a very long pimp post…xDD this is just me spreading how much I love the group.: We explore rave-like revelries, hedonistic escapades, and the allure of the unknown. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Director Julia Ducornau directs this movie with such surety, such confidence and with such undeniable wit that I have to admit my appreciation of the film as a work of art, 8jppers as I will never watch Raw ever again.

There are many things that only Kanjani8 can do.