The friendship between them is filled with love story during their journey to Mahameru Mountain, it was so funny and full of love. Riani Raline Shah ,. Noer, or in English Rudy: I have the same thoughts with you. The love story is not clear so the audience still confused and not satisfied, because the movie is not full just like the novel. However, I do struggle to accept the logic that theirs is a friendship that can be renewed only by climbing a freaking mountain. A popular girl has to choose whether she wants to stay as a part of her clique or fall for the brooding literature-loving boy in her school. Arinda and Ian hit some rocks from the top of the mountain.

Funny and full of love. The promo of the movie and the opening scene enticed us that the movie is about a good friendship, but at last I think that it was empty inside. Ian, he was fat and like to eat noodles and always watched porn movies. This book was first being published in and later on, it became popular. It is something I understand as a major minor flaw as in, it is an important thing, but in relation to the rest of the film, it pales in comparison , but it may not appear to be so to others. Ian, he has the most fertile body than his friends, love eating noodle, and always watched porn movies. Many dialogues that happened on this movie screamed “awkward” in my opinion. They started their adventure and continued the journey to Bromo and then they started to climb the highest mountain in Java Island, Mahameru Mountain.

Friendship, love, dreams, nationalism, those are the lessons to be learned from 5cm. Again, the lack of such rinai hampers a deeper appreciation of the film as it is played out on screen, but the point is that the main characters are at fault for dragging themselves into such a dangerous situation.

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Yes No Report this. Akbar Saputra 28 December, I am kinda confused with it hahahahaha. Share this Rating Title: Because of this activities which later on become their routines, they started to feel bored.


A single men desperately looking for a girl that brings him into an unforgettable journey. Well, you have to continue read my post to know about this: Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details.

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Cue the leaning-out-of-the-train-door-and-looking-at-the-scenery montage sequence, complete with the appropriate score soaring softly in the background. That, I suppose, is what being an idealist does to you, and he is quite idealistic to a certain extent. On the other hand, his acting as Arial, who is afraid of girls, convince me when he has to face a girl and make me laugh.

But, there are no one mlvie those hiker that help them. Log In Sign Up. In our lives, friend, is the most important part of life that characterizes struggle.

I was one of the person who curious about this book and decided to buy it eventhough I actually never read the whole book until now: Serta mulut yang akan selalu berdoa. What is a problem, though, is the actual narrative itself.

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Raline was good at crying scenes. The little moments like this helps to further embellish the characters with unique quirks that further differentiate them from one another.

From the mountain until the lake, it was really beautiful!! I understand that this is based on a book based on real life experiences, and I can 5ck appreciate the willingness these characters based on real people have to renew and refresh their long-term friendships.


Fedi’s strong point is on the emotional scenes, such as Spoiler Alert! Although the story is not too deep, especially about the nationalism messages but it introduces Indonesia beautiful natural panorama mvoie is exotic and the spirit to love the motherland that suitable to get appreciation. A Potpourri of Vestiges.

The stars also have a big talent of acting. Moviee, he has the most fertile body than his friends, love eating noodle, and always watched porn movies.


But this movie is worth to be watched for relaxing and to open our mind about how beautiful is Indonesia. I like irani movie because it introduced each of the characters by taking unique point of view, it makes the audience can feel the joy of the movie. But this adventure, also traveling liver.

They had the chemistry among each others and all the interactions seemed so natural. There are several other themes and ideas tied to this, but it serves as an interesting basic premise to explore further. Basically…how Indonesian you are, really.

With a background of social differences and life struggles, that leads Once again, they play the roles of a group of officers Noer, or in English Rudy: Here, what we have is the willingness of characters who commendably undergo such hardship, but it is a disproportionate one that is not safe under any circumstances. If you are Indonesian, then perhaps this would resonate further with you.

Rizal Mantovani Written by: There is also Dinda Pevita Pearce who is the twin sister of Arial, a beautiful student who actually love Zafran. It tells the story fiani five friends, whose friendship has lasted the better part of a decade.

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The Young Life of the And the six actors and actresses were undoubtedly suitable for their 5cj character: Actually, at the previous scenes there are groups of hiker. But, still, this is an opinion as a person who have not read the book.

Mei Sucinda Gracesya Sirait. Phasellus facilisis convallis metus, ut imperdiet augue auctor nec. The movie was good and funny but the story is not too deep.