Date palm is the tree.. Easy-medium and a bit of a let down after yesterday’s. Does sometimes get messed up, because no U’s in SKY, or tree names, etc. Must be the Ents. Pretty easy for a Thursday. I figured earnings there would be that much sweeter, getting yuppies to pay a premium for strawberries for the opportunity to perform backbreaking work to do the harvest themselves.

Just click on Print Options and select lighter black squares. Thanks for Your Support Your contributions help keep this site strong, independent, and ad-free! It’s cute that the center line across begins and ends with a partial German goodbye and hello: Where we lived for today, Never giving a thought to tomara. I cheered at the bandilleros’ display, As they stuck the bull in their own clever way, For I hadn’t had so much fun since the day My brother’s dog Rover Got run over. Seems a bit off Can see the forest for the trees. Rex, Thanks for the Stone Ponies.

Oddly, I finished in what was probably my fastest time ever for a Thursday, but sussing out the theme answers took longer than the puzzle itself. Have you tried logging out and then clearing your browser cache and cookies? But I still think it should be capitalized for a puzzle. I don’t know as I would discribe a matador as a hero but I always rooted for the bull. Can see the forest for the trees.

John Malkovich film – crossword puzzle clue

Must be the Ents. I found today’s a lot of fun, caught the theme immediately, and didn’t mind the unfamiliar pop culture references, such as Ross and Eleni.

I really don’t like it I sat under striped umbrella in the cold for the past three days with nary a taker. Does sometimes get messed up, because no U’s in SKY, or tree names, etc. I’m still having trouble with the new format. NIA for the African country Like some Winter Olympics events.


That’s a gnarly opening. But best of all, we went to the Plaza de Toros. Annie D I sent 2 e-mails to complain about the new format. A good workout for my early-morning brain. In crossworld that’s how someone would colloquially refer to addenda in letters as a class. Only then did it occur to me that the theme answers were species of trees and then it all fell into place, albeit slowly. Then the picadors of course, Each one on his horse, I shouted “Ole!

Doesn’t matter whether I click on today’s date, or on the Play button just to the right of that.

Long answer is that it’s the last Friday in April yes, I looked it up. Still had fun which is the mapkovich, isn’t it? He raised his sword and his aim was true.

So now zero objection to this lovely little puzzle! This maloovich been an odd week for me; yesterday’s wonderful Wednesday went down like a Tuesday, and Tuesday’s awful for me puzzle was a Thursday.

I stop the clock when a I finish the grid, and b I’m finished checking over my answers. But maokovich only other tree I found was in the revealer itself 71A. So a DNF for me today. Then again it is Thursday so there must be some degree of difficulty.

Lots of foodies in our family. Out came the matador, Who must have been potted or Slightly insane, but who looked rather bored. I had to come here today to find out who Bagsky is and what conference he was part of. Time for some Rikudim. Marvelous long downs–both in and out of theme territory–highlight this goody. I didn’t hate, or even strongly dislike, this puzzle. Composer Dominick whose name means silver in Itali Are you SNOWing me?


Independent Puzzles American Values Club xword ed.

1985 John Malkovich film – Crossword Clue

These choices should not be taken lightly as they make up, in their cumulative effect, the type of person you are, the lasting effect you leave in the world. In that moment of truth I suddenly knew That someone had stolen my wallet.

Thanks, I already knew about the Across Lite link. Throwing an OAR over the side seems a little hasty and ill-conceived mlakovich me. Where else would you expect to find a fig tree??? There must be something about strawberries that doesn’t translate to a different product. Will try to post some pictures to Facebook if I can squeeze them in between Rex’s posts Does he ever work? The crowd held its breath, Hoping that death Would brighten an otherwise dull afternoon.

Excellent Thursday puzzle with a crisp well-constructed theme, thankfully even trending easy when time for puzzle-solving is at a premium. Crosaword had the hardest time recognizing “candidates”, how quickly I forgot Off to Moab today. In life every action, or inaction for that matter, is a choice between good or evil, right or wrong, nobility or baseness, or bringing joy or sorrow to your fellow man.

1985 John Malkovich movie

This week’s relative difficulty ratings. Rex, Thanks for the Stone Ponies. Nice puzzle from Andrew Reynolds.

I print out the Acrosslite puzzle and did not get the circles so the blog explains everything.