The top 20 most common malignant programs detected on hard drives by Dr. South Korean users most frequently had to deal with Android. One of them is designed to detect virtual machines in an infected system, and the other enables intruders to disable a variety of anti-virus programs, if installed in the system. This malicious program is a multi-purpose Trojan targeting Chinese users and capable of executing commands e. These include an audio course that helps listeners cure their varicose veins, meditation that facilitates teeth whitening, “proven” methods for getting rid of pimples, thousands of non-surgical techniques for lip and breast augmentation, a seduction course for teen-aged girls, and, of course, long-distance fertility treatments for women. Detected malware, by device type Users will also remember January for the appearance of the first-ever Android bootkit which was added to the Dr. Web Anti-rootkit API 9.

These Trojans used administrator privileges and exploited an operating system flaw that allowed them to hide their presence on the administrator list. Buy from our partners Buy online Ask about a purchase. The Trojan can crack passwords for the following router models: Below you can find the top ten Trojans most frequently detected by Dr. The update delivers fixes an identi9fied issue and provides some upgrades. The geographical spread of encoder Trojans is likely to expand, too.

Subsequently, news of a severe threat to Apple-manufactured computers was reported by numerous media outlets. Brava to Gardar Forberg, David Masson and Halldor Hafsteinsson pictured here with the impressive fleet they are managing. Doctor Web previously warned users about this threat in one of the news bulletins published on its site.

The malicious code resided gfeetings the protected memory area and would reinfect the device each time it was turned on. February 12, Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web presents its overview of malware discovered inwhich was an extremely challenging year in terms of information security threats. Brazil ranks second with 31, bots, and Turkey ranks third with 25, compromised machines.


This is another major victory for Dr. Others hide under the guise of important software updates or certificates and, when installed, enable attackers to intercept all incoming SMS messages, which may contain sensitive information such as mTAN codes and passwords.


Criminals created the module under the guise of a harmless ad network that displays a variety of messages. CoinThief modifies this program and steals the private data stored by the application.

Web, can greetingw purchased on one of the underground hacker forums. However, Doctor Web’s analysts crack the cipher easily. Third and fourth places are taken by the Saudi cities of Riyadh and Jeddah. The prevalence of this threat has been clarified thanks to the fact that Doctor Web’s security researchers managed to obtain statistics on the infection, including the IMEIs of the devices affected, during the period from February Many programs of these families are banking Trojans that can steal authentication information and short messages containing transaction-related information.

The past year did not bring any fundamental change in terms of Android security. These are, for greetinvs, Android. Doctor Web is the Russian developer of Dr. The average daily income for the criminals involved was 1, January 28, To intensify its campaign against Dr. February saw an extremely large number of malignant programs that are designed to replace advertisements on web pages and display annoying 12-f5p in browser windows.

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The general scheme used by intruders is as follows: In the new section, you can learn what you need to do if a computer offense has been committed against your data or property. To spread the malware, criminals mount a brute force attack via the RDP protocol on target machines. Download, save, and launch the specified program; Update the malware; Send cookies from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to the remote server; Export digital certificates found on the infected PC and send them to the remote server; Transfer the list of running processes to the remote server; Delete cookies on the infected computer; Enable logging; Enable the proxy server; Enable the VNC server; Install the malware update with a digital signature; Launch a program; Write a value in the registry or get a value from the registry; Search files in the infected system.


Oldboot is installed as a typical application which further greetinggs as a system service and uses the libgooglekernel.

In a compromised system, Win However, unlike most of their predecessors, which had their operational parameters hardcoded or specified in configuration files, these Trojans acquire their configuration information from criminals which significantly increases their flexibility.

Aero website please contact us at: These malignant programs provided criminals with phone book information. Also discovered were an array of similar multi-purpose malicious programs that facilitated activities such as tracking a device’s location, and obtaining information about the device, the applications installed on it, and the files stored on the SD card.

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the configuration script 8. When working with Dr. Because many such threats spread using affiliate programs that allow attackers to capitalize on the quantity of adware installations, their number is steadily increasing. In addition, several Android vulnerabilities that could be exploited to spread various malignant applications were discovered.

In these files, the program stores acquired bank card data and decryption keys. One of the virus definitions recently added to the Dr. Web for Unix Server. Web for Android Light have reached 55 million, and congratulates all friends of Dr.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.